We’re Green

At Plastpac, we believe that the way we treat the environment today will affect the world tomorrow. In an effort to preserve our world for future generations we’ve established eco-friendly business objectives that are in line with our green philosophy.

From the raw material used to manufacture our products to the lack of waste in our production cycle, Plastpac is green through and through. Our products are made of a 100% recyclable, lightweight yet strong material. This significantly reduces overall

waste otherwise created by non-recyclable packaging such as corrugated wax or Styrofoam. Additionally, recycling plastic consumes 90% less energy than recycling cardboard and also decreases the water and energy usage consumed when using ordinary packaging.

Our containers are also washable, non-toxic, and anti-corrosive. Compared to traditional corrugated cardboard packaging, our corrugated plastic containers offer customers a more cost-efficient, eco friendly, and durable option.