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Our boxes keep your fresh products fresh

At Plastpac, our aim is to create a better, brighter and cleaner world by supporting a greener, more efficient food supply chain.

We believe that the way we treat the environment today will affect the world of tomorrow. In an effort to preserve our world for future generations, we’ve developed eco-friendly packaging and sustainable business practices that are in line with our green philosophy.

Because of our green philosophy, we worked hard to become the first company in North America to develop a viable alternative to wax and cardboard boxes.

All our products are made from recyclable materials

Our food grade corrugated plastic boxes are strong and lightweight, durable and waterproof to

Keep your produce fresh and safe

All Sizes & Varieties

Draining boxes, poolbox, pool pallet, trays, and more. All of our boxes are available in several standard sizes, colors and thickness or … they can be custom made. We offer many customized solutions enabling you to have the right box size, shape, strength, color, printing, and quantity to meet your specific needs. Box sizes include: 1.35 bushel, 1/2 bushel, 1-1/9 bushel, 5/9 bushel.

Contamination Free

Our products are made with 100% virgin polypropylene making them non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and dust-free. And because of the construction, our boxes do not contain glue, staples or other foreign objects. Water, weather and condensation does not impact the strength or integrity of our boxes, making them more durable, reliable and cleanable than cardboard corrugated boxes.

Food Grade Safe

SQF certification enabled us to implement manufacturing processes that continuously manage, monitor and validate the entire food safety system. All boxes are “Food Grade Approved” and safe for handling and transporting food products. Our corrugated boxes are easy to clean and can be sterilized with hot water and steam up to 120°C. This will ensure your Produce stays fresh throughout the supply chain.

Keeping Food Fresh

Our innovative packaging solution has a high resistance to heat and acts as a barrier to moisture. Also, the plastic corrugated material is an excellent insulation for temperature making our product line suitable for cooling and wash down systems. The walls are waterproof and moisture proof, thereby helping to lower the temperature, keeping your product cool and reducing bacterial contamination.

Strong & Lightweight

Another great advantage of our products compared to corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are strong and tough, yet lightweight. This allows your company to save in handling and transportation costs, especially on air travel. This strength allows up to 8’ high stacking – and less crushing – on a pallet and on a truck thereby reducing the chance of product being damaged in transit and rejected by the customer.

Water Resistant

Our boxes are made from a material that blocks liquid from penetrating the contents of the box, making them waterproof on the outside and leak-proof on the inside. Our boxes are ideal for humid and wet conditions, especially when transporting Produce items that need to be iced or re-iced along the way. This helps to reduce labor costs, packaging costs and transportation as well as eliminates the need for plastic or wax liners.


Our full in-house production line ensures that you receive customized products on-time, every time.


In today’s competitive market place, your brand needs to stand out.

Customized food packaging enhances your brand image and helps your customers remember you. Our in-house design team will work with you to create distinctive packaging with our high-quality flexographic printing. We’ll also help you find the right box design for optimizing stacking and storage space, as well as reducing assembling labor cost.

Construction and design to fit your specifications

Box can be matched to any pantone color

Various printing options available

Leakproof pool box ideal for air freight shipping

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