Our corrugated plastic boxes are attractive, robust, reusable, recyclable, printable and made with waterproof material ! The highest performing packaging for keeping food products FRESH!

Food Grade, Corrugated Plastic Boxes for food that are:


Draining boxes, Poolbox, Pool pallet, trays, and more, all our boxes are available in several standard sizes, colors and thickness or can be custom made. We also offer customized solutions (size, shape, strength, color, printing, quantity, etc.)


Our boxes are made from corrugated plastic, a fabric that blocks the liquids from penetrating into the material, making our boxes waterproof, leak-proof and stronger than corrugated cardboard boxes (water, weather or condensation doesn’t affect the strength of the plastic). Therefore, plastic boxes are ideal in humid and wet environments.


Our team is committed to offer you reliability, rapidity and flexibility. Our in-house sheet production and converting allow us to offer you a tight quality control and a short lead-time. With Plastpac you can be ensure to deliver safe and fresh food to your consumers!

Strong and light weight

Another great advantage our product line compare to corrugated cardboard boxes is that our plastic boxes are very strong, tough but light weight. Thus allowing you to save in handling cost and in transporting cost, especially on air transportation. They also have a great stacking and crushing strength. Save storage space by stacking your boxes up to 8 high (depending of weight and size).

Food grade

All our products are FOOD GRADE APPROVED and are certified by the CFIA. We are in the process of obtaining the BRC Certification. Thus, all our products can be in direct contact with food without any danger to health. Our corrugated boxes are also easy to clean and can be sterilized with hot water and steam at a temperature of up to 120°C.


Our innovative cool packaging solution has a high resistance to heat and acts as a barrier to moisture. Also, the plastic corrugated material is an excellent insulation for temperature making our product line suitable for cooling and wash down systems. The walls, waterproof and moisture proof, helps lowering the temperature, keeping your product cool and reducing bacterial contamination. It also has a good sound absorbing capacity, ideal for live products.
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Made with 100% virgin polypropylene


Safe for food industry, do not contain:

Foreign object

No need for wax or plastic liner

Waterproof (Can be water sprayed)
Ultra-leak proof
Reduce labor cost
Reduce packaging cost
Ideal for air transport, where strict rules and expensive fees if leakage